Testimonials for Tiny Tot Early Years Centre on Kensington Road

Great Parent-Staff Communication, Well Cared for Children

We had two older children attend Tiny Tot Early Years Centre and have one child attending presently. For the last five years, our experience as parents has been very satisfying. As educators ourselves, my husband and I have been very pleased to see the staff consistently working on re-evaluating the service they provide to our children. This has been in the area of curriculum, as well as in the physical environment of the centre. The parent to staff communication has always been very strong, as well. The students are exposed to a wide variety of activities, indoors and outdoors. In addition to all of this, over the past five years, we have unexpectedly arrived to pick-up our children from time to time. We have been very content with what we have seen: happy, engaged, respected, and well cared for children. We highly recommend the centre.

- Barbara and Allan Harris

A Warm Welcome into the Daycare Family

Since day one, Pam and her wonderful staff have made our family feel very welcome within the daycare family. We started taking our daughter to Tiny Tot just before she started kindergarten. The staff made sure the transition for our daughter was seamless. As a parent of a very busy school-aged child, I feel that she is offered loads of activities to do everyday and is kept well engaged. She is always excited to go and has lots of great things to share with us when we pick her up. We are looking forward to the summer and all the fun she will have. Thank you, Tiny Tot, for all that you do!

You Rock!

- Bonnie MacLean

Testimonials for Tiny Tot Early Years Centre on Pope Avenue

Full, Fun Activities for All Ages

The most important thing about daycare to us is the people, and we have always felt great about the staff at Tiny Tot taking care of our boys. They keep us well informed on the events of the day or of the concerns they may have on things they are seeing over time. The centre itself is a safe environment and is always well maintained and clean despite the full range of activities they offer both indoors and out! How they manage to have an indoor sandbox and water table without a disaster on the floor we’ll never know!

We also love that even the babies have a full program of activities. Field trips and other special events add to the day-to-day excitement for the kids, whether it is a trip to the park or a lazy pj day. We’re looking forward to keeping our son in the Tiny Tot After School Program next year when he goes on to kindergarten.

- Hope and James

Creating Great Friendships & Skills

Our kids have been with Tiny Tot for almost four years, since they were infants. Over the years, both the kids, and we as parents, have enjoyed their time there. They have made wonderful friendships and developed excellent skills that will help them succeed both socially and academically when they start school this year. The staff is excellent, caring, patient, and involved. The activities are fun, well-organized, and educational. I am very thankful that our kids were able to receive such wonderful care. It made going to work in the mornings easier, knowing they were going to enjoy their day there.

- Judy Herlihy, CMA

Testimonials for Rainbow Early Years Centre in Summerside

Peace of Mind from an Exceptional Centre

Our family has been with Rainbow Early Years Centre since we signed our son up. He was five years old at the time, in the summer of 2010. It was a big decision for us. We did a lot of research, and we spent some time at the centre with and without our son to check it out before we made our final decision. We haven’t regretted that decision once! We were so happy with the care our son received that when our daughter turned two, we knew we wanted her at Rainbow, too.

The staff is exceptionally friendly and our children have adored them right from the beginning. Our daughter has even named quite a few of her dolls after some of the staff! The centre is clean and very organized which makes drop-offs and pick-ups very pleasant.

The best thing about having our children at Rainbow is the peace of mind we feel while they are there. We never have to worry about their happiness and well-being because we know they are receiving the best care possible. It will be a sad day when our children have moved on up and we no longer get to deal with the amazing staff at Rainbow!

I like it too much! - Claire Aylward (3 years old)

It’s really fun. I have lots of friends from there and they have great teachers! - Evan Aylward (7 years old)

- Natasha and Ron Aylward

A Fun & Educational Experience

I am the mother of two children that attend Rainbow Early Years Centre, Brody who is five years old and Molly-Grace who is two years old. We have been part of this centre for over a year and have had a great experience so far. We are always greeted with a smile in the mornings and asked how your weekend was first thing Monday morning! When we walk in, my kids are genuinely happy to see their friends and it goes both ways! The staff is kind, helpful, and they always provide me with information on the kids’ day, and the fun things that they do! If we are a bit busy during drop-off/pick-up, you can see all of the activities posted around the room or on the boards at each entrance. It’s a great feeling to know that during all the time your child spends at the centre, which happens to be the better part of their waking hours, it is spent with a great staff. The centre provides activities, field trips, and learning to socialize with friends, all while getting an educational experience to prepare them for their school days!!

- Ashley, Brody, and Molly-Grace Arsenault

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