Preschoolers at Our Charlottetown & Summerside Centres

Through hands-on learning experiences, the three year-old children at our centre are engaged in such activities as sensory play, nature and outdoor learning, and development of fine motor skills through cutting, colouring, gluing, and more. Our program provides opportunities where children are able to freely explore and move about in different environments through a variety of experiences such as dance, yoga, running, climbing, and jumping. Educators support children in developing their peer to peer relationships through opportunities such as imaginative role play, show’n’tell days, and more.

Like our other programs, we provide families with documentation (photos, videos, art displays, portfolios, etc.) of their child or children while they are engaged in fun and educational activities indoors, outdoors, and on field trips.

Offering Infant to School-Age Programs; Children playing on sandbox
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