School Prep for Pre-Kindergarten & Programs for School-Age Children

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our pre-kindergarten program is designed to support educators to enable children to gain independence and develop problem solving skills. Our educators help strengthen social skills, provide support in the development of emotional skills, and encourage development of fine motor skills through cutting, colouring, gluing, etc. Understanding our role in the community is a very important part of our program, and we provide opportunities for the children to integrate into the community around them through field trips to senior’s homes, libraries, community events, and welcoming guest speakers from the community into the centre.

Our program also provides families with documentation (photos, videos, art displays, portfolios, etc) of their child or children while they are engaged in fun and educational activities indoors, outdoors, and on field trips.

After School Adventures Program

Our centres offer both before and after school care with many engaging activities on a daily basis including field trips within the community. We offer care for most school closures including early closures due to bad weather. We also offer a school-age summer program which entails daily field trips like swims at local pools and beaches, outdoor water activities, weekly journal writing, guest speakers, visits to local parks, visits to local businesses, and many more fun, engaging activities.

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